CEO of the Center​

Dr. Zeev Friedman


General Director of the Israeli Center for Legal Guardianship and the Fund for Treatment of Wards of the State


In 2008 Dr. Zeev Friedman was appointed general director of the Israeli Center for Legal Guardianship and the Fund for Treatment of Wards of the State.


Dr. Friedman holds a BA in education management and psychology from Bar Ilan University, and a graduate degree in social work, management and social planning from Bar Ilan University. Dr. Friedman earned a Ph.D. in social sciences from Tel-Aviv University. His dissertation focused on the development of a theoretical and practical model of factors that advance or hinder organizational mergers in the public sector in general and in social services in particular.


A wealth of employment experience in social work, education, organization, and management: 

  • Present General director of the Israeli Center for Legal Guardianship and the Fund for 2008 Treatment of Wards of the State - 2008 
  • Director of the Social Services Administration, (Departments of Social Services, Public  Health, Immigration and Absorption Authority, and the Drugs and Alcohol Authority) in the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality.-1999-2008 
  • Director of the Emergency Crisis Intervention Services for the Individual and the Community in the Tel-Aviv–Jaffa municipality. 
  • Director of the Department of Social Services of Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality. 

       - 1988-1999 

  • Director of the Welfare, Health, and Community Department, and advisor to the mayor of Ramat HaSharonn.- 1987-1988 
  • Representative of the World Zionist Organization, the Department of Jewish Education, United Statess.- 1984-1984 
  • Director of the Department of Social Services, Municipality of Ramat HaSharon.- 1977-1984 
  • Director of the Project Renewal in Morasha, Ramat HaSharon. (1980-1982). 
  • Emissary of the Youth and Pioneer Department of the World Zionist Organization, Toronto, Canadaa. - 1974-1977


 Dr. Friedman has initiated and led projects and international conferences, including: 

  • Project in the Buenos Aires, Argentina Jewish community. Collaborated with the Buenos Aires municipality and the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) on volunteer networks and community crisis intervention strategies 
  • Project with the Jewish communities in the Former Soviet Union, in conjunction with the JDC. Trained directors and volunteers on social service topics (1998). 
  • Community Resilience Intervention project with the earthquake evacuee’s village of Adapazari, Turkey, and the Jewish community (1999-2000). 
  • Member of the psychosocial and emotional support delegation for assisting the local Israeli families and staff in the tsunami disaster in Thailand (December 2004)
  • Focal lecture at the European Capitals Conference in Moscow entitled: “Managing Emergency, Disaster, and Crisis Situations” (June 2006)
  • Keynote speaker and chair of two sessions at the international conference in Mumbai, on the topic of “Private and Public Partnerships in Contending with Emergency, Disaster, and Crisis Situations” (November 2006). 
  • Organizational and community development with the professional staff of the JDC in Mumbai(November 2006)
  • Headed the delegation to the Central European Cities Conference held in Budapest on the topic of dealing with disaster and emergency situations (June 2007)
  • Strategic advisor to the JDC in Budapest on establishing community development, organization, and partnerships in the Jewish communities (July 2007).


Throughout the years Dr. Friedman and the authority he headed have been awarded many prizes: 

  • Shalem Foundation award for Integration of the Developmentally Challenged in the Community(1995)
  • The Israeli Union of Social Workers’ Henrietta Szold award for innovation and initiatives becoming standard practice in social services (1988)
  • The Ministry of Interior and the Center for Local Authority Kovarsky’s award for quality service provision (1997)
  • The Prime Minister’s Child Protectors’ award for the Child Treatment Nest Project (1998)
  • The Ministry of Labor and Welfare – Children and Youth Services award for multi-purpose day care centers (1998). 
  • The Israeli Social Development Fellow award from the National Council on Israeli Social Development (2001)
  • The Ministry of Labor and Welfare Award for Elder Care, Office of Golden Age Services, City Center, Tel-Aviv (2001)
  • The Tel-Aviv–Jaffa Municipality Etgar excellence award, for a multidisciplinary therapeutic emergency system (2001)
  • Authorization by the administration of the Management and Resources, Municipality of Tel-Aviv–Jaffa, for an Israeli standards certification and the international ISO 9001 standard certification (March 2003). 
  • The Minister of Social Affairs Award for Information and Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning (July 2003). 
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs Chazani Award for Innovation and Contributing to the Community-at-Large for a multidisciplinary therapeutic emergency system (October 2004). 
  • An award for excellence in social service technological administration from the People and Computers Organization (2005)
  • The Etgar award for service quality and excellence from the Municipality of Tel Aviv Jaffa (2005). 
  • The Naamat Insignia for exemplary activity in promoting the struggle to prevent domestic violence(November 2009).


In addition to his role as director for the Israeli Center for Guardianship, Dr. Zeev Friedman serves as a lecturer in the Social Policy (social security and social services) course in the School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University (from 2011) He is also a member of professional committees in the areas of administration and social services policies in the social work unions and in the council of international Jewish service organizations:  

  • Member of Israeli Council of Social Work.
  • Chair of the senior advanced licensing of social workers in the Israeli Council of Social Work.
  • Member of the professional council of Yes! to Seniors organization.
  • Member of the public council (Ivri Committee) for Israeli national and civil services.
  • Member of the General Assembly of the Talpiot Academic Educational College.
  • Directorate Member of the Paamonim-Welfare from a Different Angle nonprofit organization.
  • Steering committee member of the Ultra-Orthodox pre- Military Yeshiva.
  •  Board member of the International Migration and Integration Association.


Research committee member of the Israeli national lottery Mifal HaPayis.


Dr. Zeev Friedman is a resident of Elkana, married and the father of three. In his leisure time he runs, participates in marathons, races, and rides mountain bikes. He plays the clarinet, studies and teaches classes on thought and philosophy, and makes an effort to dedicate his time to volunteering and helping the public and individuals.