Scent of Field Work​

Compilation of Stories from the Field.

Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

This compilation of stories – “Scent of Field Work” – is a first-time project that presents a mosaic of the Israel Center for Legal Guardianship’s activity. It aims to show the day-to-day work of the Center’s staff at its four regional offices that form a humane and professional safety net to protect and guard the rights, security and needs of the service recipients.

The stories demonstrate different aspects in the social mission of righting wrongs and ensuring real social justice. As people who take care of people, every day for us is a story. Every day includes actions for the protection, guardianship and care of our service recipients, that are based on humanity, compassion, respect, caring and desire to fulfill the service recipients wants and needs – with professionalism, conscientiousness and loyalty.

We have selected a few from the many stories which reflect the daily reality of those helped by the Center.

These are our “human and social battle stories” – battles that we fight every single day against evildoers, to preserve the dignity, physical wellbeing, money and property of the service recipients – the dear people who we serve as guardians.

This small sample of stories represent the range of our multi-disciplinary work, carried out by a multi-disciplinary team throughout the country, providing solutions to the service recipients different needs – children, youth, young adults, adults and elderly people, of all religions, ethnicity and genders.

I thank all our partners: the Ministry of Justice Guardian General, Ministry of Welfare, Health Ministry, the local municipalities welfare services, networks, institutions and not-for-profit organizations. All deserve to be commended. My warmest thanks to the Center’s Board of Trustees, headed by Mr. David Brodet, for an inspired and inspiring leadership that enhances the Center’s unique spirit.

I am proud of the Center’s wonderful staff.  I am immensely grateful to all the workers and managers who work tirelessly, with sensitivity, compassion, humanness, professionalism and integrity, to ensure maximal personal security and peace of mind to our service recipients.



Uriel Lederberg

Executive Director


Safeguarding the security and caring for the wellbeing, needs and rights of those in need of such protection and care.


  • The service will be provided to all members of Israeli society.
  • The provision of the service will always be respectful of human dignity.
  • The service will be provided with respect and preservation of human dignity.
  • The service will provide optimal protection of the wards’ financial, physical, emotional and social needs and rights.
  • The Center will develop knowledge, skills and professional tools for taking care of the wards.
  • The Center will be a leading organization nationwide in the quality of its services.



  • The service will be provided with professionalism, integrity, transparency, partnership, equality, accessibility, dedication, sensitivity, tolerance, compassion and love.
  • The service will be provided out of a sense of calling and dedication to give as much as possible.
  • Service recipients will be respected, their privacy and trust maintained. The service recipients’ wellbeing  will always be the highest priority for the Center and its service providers.
  • Approved by the Board of Trustees on March 14th, 2012

The Center’s Appointments Committee

  • Supreme Court Justice (Emeritus), Theodore Or
  • District Court Justice (Emeritus), Yaffa Hecht
  • Advocate Yael Maimon, Ministry of Justice


The Center’s Board of Trustees

Social Worker Moti Vinter, Chair of Board

(Advocate Ranni Neubauer (representative of the Ministry of Justice

(Social Worker Ayala Meir (representative of the Ministry of Welfare

Professor  Leah Ahdut

Advocate  Joshua Schoffman

Professor  Jacques Michel

MR David Zaken


Uriel Lederberg, Center’s Executive Director


Accountant and Comptroller - CPA Rami Elhanatti

Internal Auditor - CPA Ido Canaan

Legal Advisor – Advocate Tamar Heker, Efrayim Abramzon and Co.


Center’s Headquarters:

Hagan Hatechnologi, Building 1, Entrance C,

Malcha, Jerusalem 96951

Tel 02-6490000 Fax 02-6795040 Email 


Jerusalem District

6 Heletz St., POB 10398, Jerusalem 91103

Tel 02-6727020 Fax 02-6722282 Email 


Tel Aviv and Center District

13 Ben Gurion St., POB 2377, Bnei Barak 51108

Tel 072-2600500 Fax 03-5789334 Email 


Haifa and North District

41 Hahalutz St., POB 5544, Haifa 31054


Be’er Sheba and the South District

43 Yair Stern St., POB 5502, Be’er Sheba 84154

Tel 08-6652050 Fax 08-6652057 Email


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