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The Israeli Center for Legal Guardianship                                      
The  Fund for Care for Wards of the State                                      










About us




Who We Are

The Israeli Center for Legal Guardianship was established in 1977 as a nonprofit public trust by the Director-General of the Ministry of Justice. The Center’s mission is to make decisions pertaining to personal needs and property management for individuals who have been determined by a Family Court Judge to be incapable and unable to act for themselves. In 1995 the Center received an additional appointment as a Representative Payee (Rep Payee) of social benefits for those entitled to a pension from the National Insurance Institute who have nobody else serving in that capacity.

Who We Serve

The Center has an active census of 4,800 court-appointed cases, making it the largest agency of its kind in the country. Coming from all age groups and backgrounds, its clients, who become wards of the state, include:  


  • Individuals suffering from physical or mental illness, either living in the community or institutionalized.


  • Older adults suffering from functional decline and unable to access their rights, resulting in inadequate care and an impaired quality of life


  • Minors who cannot legally represent and care for themselves.


The Center, as guardian, is oftentimes the sole body caring for those whom exploitation, neglect, and “falling through the system” are conceivable situations given the characteristics of this vulnerable population.


What We Do

The Center, through five service centers throughout the country, provides professional, reliable, and compassionate services, with the utmost transparency and with a ‘quality service delivery’ approach. Its nationwide multidisciplinary staff attends to the wards’ social, financial, health, nursing, legal, and property-related needs. The wards’ best interests are at the forefront of decisions made on their behalf.


Services include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting regularly scheduled home visits by case managers to assess and address personal welfare and unmet needs.


  • Arranging for in-home or other support services.


  • Managing the individual’s fiduciary affairs which include income, expenditures, and resources.


  • Securing, coordinating, and maintaining the individual’s benefits and entitlements.


  • Ensuring that the client’s living environment is safe and secure.


  • Arranging for and coordinating medical care.


  • Retaining lawyers for impoverished wards in need of legal assistance and advocacy.




Steering Committee of the Center

  • His Honor, Justice (emeritus) of the National Supreme Court, Theodore Or


  • Her Honor, Justice (emeritus) of the District Supreme Court, Yaffa Hecht


  • Advocate Yael Maimon, Ministry of Justice


The Board of Directors includes the Chair, David Brodet, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Leumi, who served as the State Budget Director and Director-General of the Ministry of Finance, Judge Theodore Orr, Judge Yaffa Hecht. Others on the Board are representatives from the Ministries’ of Justice and Social Affairs and Social Services and other professionals well versed in legal and social issues. 

The CEO, Dr. Zeev Friedman, has decades of leadership and management experience in social services.